Making unfold build your application locally

By default Unfold performs almost all operations on the target machine of your deployment. This means that the checkout from source control, the building of the project and the creation of the release folder for your application all happen on the remote machine.

The pros and cons of remote builds

This approach has quite some benefits:

Of course, there are also scenarios where performing the build on the remote machine simply isn't possible or wanted.

Switching to local build

Luckily, making Unfold perform the checkout + build on your local machine is very easy. As can be expected, the configuration happens through some Set-Config calls. Two to be precise

Set-Config localbuild $true
Set-Config localbuildpath "c:\path\to\a\local\checkout"

That was easy.

When these two configuration variables are available, Unfold will take the following approach when deploying:


Unfold makes it easy for you to configure where the build and release of your application needs to happen, all that's needed are two configuration variables.

Whether or not you use the localbuild scenario depends on the following considerations

Once you've take the decision, the switch is easy.

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